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Prelude Cover Sheet square

Prelude. Marimba Duet

Prelude is exactly as it sounds- the beginning of a much larger work in progress for marimba duet. Melodies introduced in Prelude will be explored and deconstructed in future movements.
Prelude requires one 5-octave marimba and two skilled players using four-mallet technique.

Soliton Cropped

Soliton. Marimba Trio

Soliton is an energetic medley-like piece for percussion trio. Four-mallet technique is required for two of the three players. Soliton utilizes unconventional instruments for its rhythm section: cabasa, sleigh bells, tambourine, and a snare/tom combination played as hand drums. The major components of the piece are a fast mallet trio, slower marimba/vibes/hand drums groove, moving marimba solo, appropriately ridiculous minor/major waltz, and exciting reprise of the main theme featuring a dancing tambourine player.

Rhythm Creek Square

Rhythm Creek. Percussion Ensemble

Rhythm Creek is a piece for modern percussion ensemble featuring piano and acoustic guitar. The piece explores a seemingly innocent theme that evolves until it finally shows its true nature. Unique usage of the hammered dulcimer and caliope (keyboard patches acceptable).


Music for "Tilted".



Gameplay Music:

"Tilted" is a multiplayer networked video game. The soundtrack has a somewhat mystical feel, but is also intense to fit the mood of the game. See for more information about the game!

Apogee Square

Apogee. Marimba Duet

An energetic duet for two advanced marimbists. Two 5-octave marimbas are required. Apogee regularly shifts its melodies between the two players.

Shibboleth Square

Shibboleth. Percussion Ensemble

Funky and groovy, Shibboleth moves away from traditional percussion ensemble instrumentation to include elements of a funk band. It was originally composed as a birthday present for a friend. Features solos for synthesizer, drums, trumpet, and guitar.

Summerstorm Square

Summerstorm. Percussion Quintet

Kerr Hall Compositions' first work, which premiered at the Northeastern University Wind Ensemble's chamber music concert in February 2017. Summerstorm is written for a traditional 4-piece percussion ensemble plus piano and, as the title describes, emotes a not-so-sunny summer day.